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B&W Bowers & Wilkins

The B&W 800 D3 Ė A celebration of 50 years excellence
May 11, 2016

Thereís a new flagship 800 Series Diamond speaker, 800 D3, and B&W claims itís the best speaker the company has ever made. The launch comes on the first day of High End 2016 in Munich, and B&W intends the 800 D3 to be a fitting speaker to celebrate the companyís 50th anniversary. It heads up the new 800 Series, which was launched last year. The flagship model in the 800 Series Diamond range is more than a speaker. Itís the culmination of half a century of acoustic research and engineering, and the pinnacle of audio performance, offering unmatched levels of clarity and realism. The 800 D3 is driven by technological innovation. From drive units to cabinet geometry, every major component has been rethought and reinvented. And the rulebook for loudspeaker design has been ripped up and rewritten in the process. The future of loudspeaker technology starts here. HFX Systems is very excited about the new 800 D3. Available later on this year in piano gloss black, satin white and rosenut.

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