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Since 1988, B&W and Abbey Road Studios have had an enviable relationship.
The Beatles - Abbey Road album was originally going to be called Everest and there were ambitious plans for a shoot in the Himalayas. In the end, they named the album Abbey Road after the studios where they recorded much of their music. Photographer Iain MacMillan was allowed all of 10 minutes to capture the Fab Four walking across the zebra crossing. Today the crossing is a major tourist destination and it's fun to check out the 24 hour webcam, which at the right time of day captures keen fans trying to recreate the cover.

In 1988 Abbey Road Studios adopted the B&W Matrix 801 in its studios. This relationship continues today and Abbey Road's engineers are frequent visitors to B&W's Steyning Research Establishment. The current Bowers & Wilkins 800D is the reference monitor at Abbey Road today.

Studio One is the world's largest purpose-built recording studio. The space can easily accommodate a 110-piece orchestra and 100-piece choir simultaneously. Studio One's acoustic is as famous as the location, offering a supremely warm and clear sound, perfect for numerous types of recording, from solo piano to large orchestras and film scores. The live area also has two spacious isolation booths. A Steinway D concert grand and a celeste are also available.

The centrepiece of the control room for studio One is a 72-channel Neve 88 RS console with a unique and comprehensive surround monitor section, capable of recording and monitoring multiple stems. The monitoring is provided by three B&W 800D loudspeakers and five HTM1 rear speakers fully configured for surround monitoring up to 7.1 channels.
Some projects from Studio 1:

"    Braveheart
"    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
"    Chicken Run
"    Cold Mountain
"    Coldplay
"    Harry Potter Film Series
"    Jose Carreras
"    Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
"    Philadelphia
"    Placido Domingo
"    Raiders of the Lost Ark
"    Rod Stewart
"    Shrek
"    Star Wars Episodes I II III V and VI
"    Stevie Wonder

Studio Two is probably the most famous studio in the world. It has a unique design, acoustic and an unparalleled history of recording. The studio can comfortably accommodate up to 55 musicians for film scores and overdubs, as well as providing the perfect tracking room for bands. Available with the studio are a variety of upright pianos and a Steinway Model D concert grand.
The control room has a 60-channel Neve VRP Legend console with Flying Fader Automation and Quested monitoring. A variety of nearfield speakers are also available including B&W 805S's.

Some projects from Studio 2:

"    The Beatles
"    Dave Stewart
"    Mick Jagger
"    Beyond The Sea
"    Dave Gilmour
"    Dido/ Embrace
"    Groove Armada
"    Oasis
"    Paul McCartney
"    U2
Studio One:
Studio Two:

Studio Three:
Studio Three is an incredibly versatile facility with a history of pioneering projects including Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and some of the very first 5.1 surround mixes for the Beatles Anthology, U2 and Coldplay. The recording space was designed to have a natural and flexible acoustic, with multiple isolation booths. The studio is ideal for tracking bands and recording small ensembles and has been used recently for several film scores. Also available is a Steinway Model A piano.

Constructed around a 96-channel SSL 9000 J series console, Studio Three's control room is a world-class mix facility, perfect for album projects and film soundtracks. The room has Quested stereo monitoring in addition to a 5.1 B&W 800D set up.
Some projects from Studio 3

"    Amy Winehouse
"    Beatles surround Anthology/The Love Album
"    Coldplay Live in Sydney
"    Cold Mountain
"    Foo Fighters
"    Spice Girls
"    U2 - Zoo TV

The Penthouse control room has an abundance of natural light provided by skylights and windows overlooking the Abbey Road garden.
It has a custom-made Neve DFC Gemini console. At 44.1/48 Khz it has the potential for 1,000 signal paths, including 36 stereo aux sends. The power of the desk becomes most evident when simultaneously mixing 12 * 7.1 stems. There are also four Madi ports available. Monitoring is provided by five B&W 800D speakers.

Some projects from The Penthouse:

"    Golden Compass
"    Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
"    Journey 3D
"    Notting Hill
"    Shrek 3
"    Simon Rattle/Berlin Philharmonic